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The Future of Online Payments
for Consumers and eCommerce Merchants
is now here.

CT Checkout enables your iPhone and Android phone to act as your Consumer Terminal and make online encrypted card transactions.

Consumer to Business, Business to Business, and Business to Consumer transactions – where no one sees your encrypted card data – which means no more hacking or identity theft.

You can sign up here for your free encrypted prepaid debit card that you can use at our CT stores and we never see your encrypted card.

As a web merchant you can sign up here to add encrypted card payments to your checkout page. 

This becomes an additional choice for your customers to use with their encrypted prepaid debit cards on their CT app on their iPhone or Android phone. You will save an average of 51.3% over keyed in card payments! And you will never lose an “I don’t recognize this transaction” dispute as the card issuer will ask the disputer three questions:

  1. Who had your iPhone or Android phone?
  2. Who knew how to open your iPhone or Android phone?’
  3. Who knew how to log into your CT Checkout app?

The disputer loses before the web merchant has their funds pulled from their merchant account, as a Consumer Terminal made the transaction (an iPhone or Android phone using an encrypted card on their CT Checkout app.

We believe that CT Checkout is the first company to enable online encrypted card transactions.

Web merchants are paid at a card swiped rate and do not see their customers encrypted cards. Web merchants are paid by a Consumer Terminal – an iPhone or Android phone converted into a consumer terminal with the CT Checkout app.

Our goal is to raise marketing and promotional funds to introduce online encrypted card payments to consumers and web merchants.

We plan to license our CT USA online encrypted card platform into other countries such as CT England and CT Canada and CT Mexico, with the goal of licensing ten countries by 12/31/22.

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